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Our skilled employees provide traditional metal finishing, fully automatic and manual finishing, and individual processing using manual coating units for racked and loose goods.
We process various metals and special materials such as aluminium, zinc die-casting, stainless steel, nickel-steel alloys, copper alloys, non-ferrous metals, and steels.
Our procedures:
Shiny, matt, and double nickel plating, shiny, matt, and solder-enhancing tin plating, copper plating, shiny and matt (velour) chrome plating, black chrome plating, and hard chrome plating for mass-produced, precision, and small parts.
Chemical nickel plating, phosphorous 7-10 %
Chemical nickel plating, anti-magnetic 10-13 %
Chemical nickel plating with tempering, also in inert gas atmospheres to a hardness of 700 HV
Precious metal electroplating
Gold colour plating, gold plating, hard gold plating, 24K thick gold plating, technical and decorative silver plating, hard silver plating, thick silver plating to around 200µm. Special electrolytes on request.
Modern automatic drum and rack machines, manual electroplating devices, and our own plating rack constructions mean that we are extremely flexible and always have the ideal solutions for you on hand. Our plating windows are 1 metre wide by 1 metre long by 20 cm deep. The plating windows used for precious metal plating are up to 2 metres long.
We supply products for the following industries:
Electrical engineering, electronics, precision engineering, medical technology, machine construction, textile engineering, measurement engineering, aeronautics astronautics, and automotive.

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