Galvanic coatings for
highest demands – since 1966

About us

Metal refinement - by specialists - for the highest demands

  • in fully automated machines for drum and rack goods
  • manually and in drums on racks
  • single-part manufacturing

Fully automatic, manual and individual processing in manual systems for rack and bulk goods.

We refine various metals and special materials such as aluminium, die-cast zinc, stainless steels, nickel-alloyed steels and copper alloys, as well as non-ferrous metals and steels.

In the following processes:

  • High-gloss nickel plating
  • Matt and double nickel
  • Tin plating in gloss and matt with good solderability
  • Copper plating
  • Gloss chrome
  • Matt chrome (velour)
  • Black chrome and hard chrome for mass-produced parts, precision parts and micro parts
  • Chemical nickel plating, phosphor content 7-10 %
  • Chemical nickel plating, antimagnetic 10-13%
  • Chemical nickel plating with tempering, also under inert gas to hardness 950 HV
  • Precious metal electroplating (gilding, silver plating, gold plating)
  • Electroforming in gold, silver and copper up to 1500 µm
  • Bronze coating up to 500 µm
  • Zinc-nickel (acid)
  • Drogal Black ® black conversion layer
  • Drogal HC ® extremely high corrosion resistance

Thanks to modern drum and rack machines, manual galvanizing systems and our own galvanic frame construction, we are extremely flexible and always have the ideal solution in store for you in an instant.

Our galvanic windows have different sizes depending on the process. Please ask us.

  • Company history

    Establishment in Birkenfeld by Peter E. Drollinger concentrating on the galvanic hard chromium plating of tubes for tubular drawing pens.

    Expansion and relocation to the Gräfenhäuser industrial estate

    Construction of a further new production hall

    Certification to ISO 9001:2000

    Seven-figure investment in a wastewater treatment plant in order to meet demanding ecological standards for environmental protection

    Development of a new tin plating process for electrical contacts and aluminium housings

    Erection of a third production hall with a floor area of 1850 m2, including basement

    Complete relaunch of company website and implementation of responsive design to meet the latest standards for all devices.

  • Our philosophy

    Craft and quality        
    We attach great importance to down-to-earthness, quality and adherence to deadlines. Our feel for delicate parts and the large proportion of manual work promise a highly decorative character of the surfaces. We guarantee high corrosion protection and process reliability.

    Environmental protection      
    The air is exchanged several times per hour for emission protection and the protection of the employees. Our new hall will be heated using regenerative energy from pellets.         
    In addition to that we have our own in-house wastewater treatment system in order to be able to meet the demanding ecological standards. A further plant is currently being constructed in our new building.

    Future oriented          
    As a long-standing training company we lay the foundation stone for professional apprenticeships for galvanizers, warehouse/logistics specialists and office management staffs. So far every apprentice has been taken on by the company after the end of their apprenticeship. In this way we ensure permanent, future-oriented technical competence.